Why Noti Flo Is The Undeniable Queen Of Kenyan Music

Noti Flo Kamatia Nudes Photos
Many female Kenyan artists have laid claim to the throne but none of them puts in the work to back it up like Noti Flo. None of them gets more YouTube views than Noti Flo. None of them works harder even.
Florence Natalie Kutolo may have started her music career by posting controversial photos on social media and making her questionable relationships public but she has managed to get out of that lane and create a niche for herself.
Without the support many female musicians in this country get from big recording stables and prominent artists, you cannot simply underestimate the power she possesses.
Noti Flo is part of the new crop of musicians in the country who are changing the way music is made. Her songs come out once in a while but they are quality. It is easy to tell that her video concepts are not came up with on the day of shooting. Her lyrics are solid too.
Many talented artists like King Kaka have decided to take the path of releasing a song almost every day. In the process he has lost quality. His lyrics are ridiculous and immature. And he is not alone. Now the industry can only depend on people like Noti Flo to keep the boat alive.
He latest song Kamatia is great and is expected to be a hit. This is despite the fact that most radio stations choose to ignore artists like her and keep playing the old artists that have refused to adapt and move the industry forward.
The good news is that her fans believe in her and they will watch the video, buy the music and go to her shows.
 Watch the video here.

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