Sidebar Has Surpassed Jeff Koinange Live As Kenya’s Most Reliable Political Show

Gathoni Wa Muchomba Sidebar Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koinange’s approach of social media sensationalism might have just cost him the position of Kenya’s most respected political journalist. His show Jeff Koinange Live which was moved from KTN to Citizen due to a nasty spat between Esther Passaris and Miguna Miguna has its ratings dwindling like never before.
Jeff Koinange Live has formed the habit of forcing the show down people’s throats so that you have to contribute to it whether you are watching or not. Through its social media ‘correspondent’ Xtian Dela, they use all means to make it trend on Twitter every other Wednesday. And it’s no longer about issues, it’s about theatrics, humor and hashtags.
As things stand, the media does not give space for gaps and NTV has risen up to the occasion to counter the Jeff Koinange effect with a show of its own. Sidebar.
Larry Madowo who quit The Trend has found a new home in politics coverage. A far cry from the cat videos he used to present to viewers on Fridays. His is now a show focused on issues. A show not promoted on social media to trend.
It is on this show that Kenyans got to know of Gathoni Wa Muchomba’s greed. It is on this show that NASA and Jubilee chose to present their agendas to Kenyans with each side sending their top leadership to the show.
The roundtable discussions that barely show bias have come to be loved by Kenyans who tune in every week to watch sane debates.

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