Why King Kaka Called Out Sauti Sol

King Kaka Sauti Sol Beef
King Kaka feels so confident he is the king of Kenyan music he decided to adopt that word as his name. He might be the king, by name and talent, but he is not the one smiling all the way to the bank. Sauti Sol is. And what is a king without a Treasury?
So when King Kaka decided to call out the group during a promo interview for his new song with Fena, many were not taken by surprise.
King Kaka attacked the group saying they had not helped the industry grow despite being in a position to. He was angry because the group had gotten opportunities to be in international platforms like BET and MTV but still did nothing to promote Kenyan music.
Some days later he again went on a rant telling his fans that Sauti Sol had pulled down his poster. He said he was okay with that and ended the rant by saying Sauti Sol is petty.
But are these allegations true or is King Kaka after something else altogether?
The truth is Sauti Sol has worked hard to be where they are now with little or no help. They had to release so many songs for them to get airplay. Sauti Sol had genuinely good music back then but no one took notice. And even after people noticed them they still couldn’t win any awards.
After climbing to the top they have had many initiatives that raise awareness and promote raw talent. They even attend events organized by government on youth that many of those elite artists will never attended even with guns on their heads.
The collaboration with Red Fourth Choir, Upperhill and Amos and Josh are some of their most visible show of support to upcoming artists.
That King Kaka accuses them of such allegations is pure hypocrisy.
The Kenyan media thrives in beefs. And King Kaka knows this fact. One might not be blamed for thinking that he is calling out Sauti Sol for relevance.
Sauti Sol is a big name and anyone who calls them out and manages to get them to pay attention will benefit from the attention.
King Kaka, in the good old proverbial terms, sold his soul to the devil. The devil in this case is the corporates, the mainstream media and all that support them. He has no time to produce good music anymore. And his fans are slowly turning away. They are putting their ears where the good music is coming from.
King Kaka needs to accept that reality and start releasing good music and leave Sauti Sol the hell alone.

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