Why Is Risper Faith So Stupid?

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A woman so stupid her last name describes what you need to have to listen to her. Watching her talk and laugh makes you wonder why life is so unfair that she, and not a zebra from the Mara, is given airtime on Kenya’s most watched show.
Risper Faith first came into the limelight when she twerked in Blaqy’s song called money maker. The money maker Blaqy was talking about was Risper Faith’s behind. She is truly endowed and this caught the public’s eye albeit the wrong way. She was so oiled up it felt wrong to watch the video.

Risper Faith Photos Brian
Risper Faith
That video quickly catapulted her into the socialite stardom. At that time the aspect of socialites was just picking up in the country and thus it was easy for her to establish herself.
The lady surprisingly managed to mess up this opportunity and was soon forgotten. She was no longer famous. 
To redeem her dwindling fame, she leaked her own nudes and claimed she was being blackmailed. She said someone wanted her to pay for their disposal and she refused. It worked and got tongues wagging for a while. She must have cherished the comments that followed. Most of the comments wondered how she managed to be so ugly. 
Risper Faith Photos Brian
Risper Faith And Blaqy

The nudes were soon overshadowed by other socialites also releasing theirs and she had to look for something else. Risper Faith presented us with the most bizarre surprise yet.
Risper Faith announced to the world that she had seen the light and was now saved. That played well as Ghafla gave her all the airtime they could get. That along with another ‘scandal’ with Blaqy became the angle of Ghafla office interviews.
Now the lady has exhausted all techniques used by socialites to remain relevant and has found a new home in Nairobi Diaries. Here it is even more disturbing.

Risper Faith Photos Brian
Risper Faith During The Hard Times
Her script has been intertwined with that of a Brian, who is apparently from Atlanta and is supposed to marry her soon. He takes her to Dubai, buys her clothes, accompanies her to her meetings with the A Team, he is building her a house, complements her and fights her battles once in a while. In return, Brian gets to be called babe, told he is missed, told about who is staring at her at the gas station and made to swear that he won’t ask Mishy Dorah for nudes.

Risper Faith Photos Brian
Risper Faith and Brian
Sometimes she gives too much information it makes you cringe. She once said with a straight face that Brian loves to bury his face in between there while she farts. According to her, that shows how much Brian loves her.
With Risper Faith you never know what to expect next, viewers of Nairobi Diaries can only wait to see what next Risper Faith treats them to.

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