Confessions: I Caught My Uncle’s Wife With Another Man. I Won’t Tell Him

Hear no evil, See  no evil, Speak no evil. PHOTO | COURTESY

A man in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya recently found himself in a tricky situation. In the evening, he left his house to go into a maize plantation to smoke herbs. He had to hide, as it would otherwise raise suspicion if he smoked them in his house. He had no idea what he was about to see.

It was a clear starry night and he was sure most people would be indoors by then. As he was puffing into the night and enjoying his high, he heard rustles in the bushes and hid himself. In the clearing before him, he could recognize his uncle’s wife standing as if waiting for something.

Of course, it was strange because the homestead has latrines and nobody would come to respond to a call of nature there. He waited expectantly.
Suddenly, he heard footsteps from the same direction that his uncle’s wife had come through into the plantation. The moon was bright and the voice and the silhouette in the night were enough for him to identify the arrival -It was his childhood friend.

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Shocked at what he was seeing, he decided to stay still and see what would happen. It soon became clear what was about to happen, when his friend spread his jacket on the cold earth below.
He was in a dilemma on whether to intervene or just watch. He also could not just leave because he was sure they would see him. He remained and watched as his friend and uncle’s wife engaged in their horizontal acrobatics. He was shocked but part of him did not really care. His uncle had been mean to him since he was a child and he had always been a drunkard. He dared to understand that the wife was starved and his friend was the only option she had.

It ended quickly and as they hurriedly dressed up, he saw the opportunity to grasp a bargaining chip that he would always hold close to his heard. He coughed and the startled lovers started to run before he shouted to stop them in their tracks.
They knew he had seen it all and begged the man not to tell the uncle. He promised that it would forever remain a secret, as he believed it was karma in play.


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