Was This Is Ess Dumped By Husband? The Truth Will Break Your Heart

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When Kenya's most sought after fashion blogger, lifestyle vlogger and Capital FM president Sharon Mundia popularly known as This Is Ess wrote her proposal story online, she did not only break the internet, she broke many hearts too.
Men who logged on to her website every morning, and clicked on videos she uploaded on YouTube were at a loss. They hope something would happen along the way to stop the marriage. Nothing happened. She got married in a lavish ceremony and off she went off the market. Team Mafisi chose other paths to pursue.
But recently stories surfaced online of trouble in paradise. Much was said about the beautiful lady being dumped by her publicity shy husband.
And when Shaffie Weru took to the internet to say a popular blogger had been kicked out of her matrimonial home, the many guesses Kenyans had took them to This Is Ess's doorstep.
While Shaffie had not mentioned any name in particular, online trolls went hump on the vlogger. You would be forgiven to think that the she is truly divorced.
Sharon Mundia has responded to the claims and recognized the fact that a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its boots on.
Here is her full statement.
A lot of ungracious and untruthful stories have been circulating about me recently. Even though they have crossed the line I choose, as usual, to focus on my vision of creating and sharing online content that will uplift and spread positive energy all around me. Right now I'm choosing to focus on my work and being the best mother I can be to my sweet love, Naila.
Sorry trolls, she is still happily married!

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