'Vampires' In Malawi. Fear Spreads As Vigilantes Rise To Hunt Blood-Suckers

A vampire actress in a film. PHOTO | COURTESY
At least five people have been murdered by vigilante vampire-hunting mobs since September in Malawi. As a result, a 5:00pm curfew has been imposed in the country, as rumors spread of witchcraft in the southeastern African country.

The violence has been meted by mobs hunting for people believed to drink human blood as part of magic rituals, according to various reports. As a result of the violence, the U.N. has removed staff from two affected areas, for their safety.
The nation's President,  Peter Mutharika has pledged to investigate the killings, which he explained as "of grave concern" to the government officials.
The United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) report said rumors of vampirism may have spread from neighboring nation of Mozambique, though it did not specify what caused them. The report recommended a "temporary suspension" of U.N. activities in Malawi's southern districts of Phalombe and Mulanje.
Mobs have erected roadblocks to search for the alleged blood-suckers.
The eruption of vampire-driven vigilante violence in the African nation came after rumors surfaced in September that real-life bloodsuckers were creating havoc according to a  report obtained by Daily Updates.

“These districts have severely been affected by the ongoing stories of the bloodsucking and possible existence of vampires,” the agency said regarding districts in the southern part of the country.
Malawi is a country characterized by low literacy levels and incidences of witchcraft. It is not known what reasons behind the attacks on innocent residents for blood.

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