Chris Msando Mom Asks The Government To Tell Her His Killers Before She Dies

Chris Msando Murder Mother

Two months after Chris Msando was brutally murdered, alongside a young lady Carol Ngumbu, not a single person has been charged in a court of law.
Kenya's amnesia is well known but one person who won't be forgetting the horrible murder in this lifetime is Chris Msando's mother.
Maria Msando is painfully living the agony of a mother whose son was killed by people who freely roam the earth with no one in their pursuit.
The 72 year old lady has said she rarely eats or sleeps  and the sadness is taking a toll on her aged body. She says the person who used to take care of her is now gone. Her biggest fear is dying before the truth is unraveled.
She recognized that there have been high profile deaths in this country before and the police have always said they would not leave any stones unturned. It is not the same case with Chris Msando's murder.

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