'Hold My Beer'..Why Ex-Kilome MP Has Petitioned The Re-Election of Uhuru Kenyatta

Ex-Kilome MP, Harun Mwau
After the dust had settled in the Kenyan political arena, after another disputed presidential election. One man has come to stop the party. Ex-Kilome MP, Harun Mwau seems to understand the phrase that is commonly used in memes. 'Hold My Beer'. After celebrations of the president's election died down and the time-frame for filing a petition rapidly dwindling, Mr. Mwau has filed a petition to challenge the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

It all started when Former Kilome MP John Harun Mwau sought to stop the IEBC from holding the repeat presidential election scheduled for October 26. He said that the conduct of the rerun is in violation of the Constitution.
His case was however dismissed and the elections proceeded as planned. The High Court dismissed former MP's petition, ruling that it lacked jurisdiction. He is seen as a believer in the law and an ardent defender of his rights and the legal path is not new to Mwau.  When President Daniel arap Moi was declared as the winner of the presidency in 1992, Mwau filed a petition in the High Court of Kenya. His argumentation was that the former president and other presidential candidates were not validly nominated.

Here is a photo of his petition;

While many expected other organized to file petitions after the opposition outfit NASA had not made any filing, Kenyans should then prepare for another legal battle.
After the declaration of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto as President-elect and Deputy President-elect, the country was preparing for a swearing-in ceremony on November 14.
Deadline for submitting petition was today, November 6, 2017 at midnight.
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