Sachangwan Road Tragedy In The Headlines

The country remains in shock after a week of deadly accidents claim dozens of lives on Kenyan roads. Below are some of the headlines;
Please note that the numbers may differ depending on the time the article was published.

Sachangwan accident claims 37, travellers stuck for hours

At least 37 people died yesterday in a grisly road accident at the Sachangwan blackspot on the Nakuru-Eldoret highway.

Over 16 feared dead in Sachangwan crash horror- PHOTOS

By NATION TEAM More by this Author At least 16 people have died in horrific multiple crashes at the notorious Sachangwan blackspot on the busy Nakuru-Eldoret highway. Dozens of others were injured in the Tuesday midmorning collision that left a horror scene and caused a major traffic snarl-up on the busy highway.

Over 15 die in another crash at Sachangwan black spot

At least 70 people have died in separate accidents in the past 72 hours. In contrast, at least 71 people died in similar circumstances between January and November 28 on sections between Nakuru and Eldoret alone, according to the Government.

Over 40 dead in Sachangwan, Webuye crashes - PHOTOS

More than 40 people died and tens of others sustained injuries in horrific multiple crashes at the notorious Sachangwan blackspot on the busy Nakuru-Eldoret highway and in a separate accident along the Kitale-Webuye highway. The Sachangwan crash, which caused more than 20 deaths, happened yesterday morning while the Kamukuywa Bridge accident, which claimed 19 lives, occurred on Monday night.

At least 15 people feared dead following grisly road accident at Sachangwan black spot

St John Ambulance confirmed the fatal accident on the afternoon of Tuesday, December 12 through it's twitter handle - The accident reportedly involved a Modern Coast bus traveling to Kampala from Nairobi, a truck and other vehicles - The Sachangwan accident comes barely hours after another accident claimed at least 19 Kenyans at the Kamukuywa bridge along Webuye -Kitale road At least 32 people are feared dead in a grisly road accident involving multiple vehicles at Sachangwan blackspot along Nakuru- Eldoret highway.

NTSA denies claims its officers caused Sachangwan accident

NTSA has refuted claims that is officers are to blame for the Sachangwan accident that killed more than 32 people.Director general Francis Meja on Tuesday said his officers are being crucified for their diligent work.It was said that NTSA officers were pursuing the driver of a trailer that lost control resulting in an accident that involved 15 vehicles.

20 feared dead after 13-car crash in Sachangwan - PHOTOS -

At least 20 people are feared dead following a multiple car crash at the dreaded Sachangwan area on the Nakuru-Eldoret highway. The horrific 11am accident occurred after a truck ferrying fertilizer towards Nakuru lost control and rammed into a Modern Coast bus causing a pile-up involving 13 vehicles; the Modern Coast bus, four Nissan Matatus, a land cruiser, prado, truck and several other private vehicles.

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