LATEST: Why NASA Postponed The Swearing In Of Raila Odinga

A disappointing announcement on Sunday evening has left millions in the NASA camp confused as preparations continued for the event slated for Tuesday 12 December. Kenyan opposition outfit, NASA coalition had publicly declared that they would swear in Raila Odinga as the people's president on Tuesday. Details emerge that the agreed location was Mombasa.

Daily Updates can reliably report that three main reasons forced the NASA leadership to make a last minute decision that in a way might have curtailed their efforts.

Blood-thirsty Government Machinery

As seen from the brutal confrontations between supporters and the police, it has been clear that the government has been drawing techniques from previous oppressive regimes. While leaders from the opposition recently had a send-off ceremony for those killed during the last protest, it was almost certain that there would be more bloodshed on Tuesday. Critics often paint Mr. Odinga as a man who thrives from violence, and Tuesday's clash would pit his unarmed supporters against a battalion with orders to disrupt anything they do.

Absence of Deputy, Kalonzo Musyoka.

This was unfortunate as the Mr. Musyoka is still in Germany with his wife, who has been bedridden for while. The best scenario would be for both Mr. Musyoka and Mr. Odinga to be present at the ceremony. Doing a parallel ceremony in Germany would be a logistical nightmare.

Counties That Have Passed The People's Assembly Bill

The People's Assembly Bill is core to the plans that NASA had for Tuesday. So far, 14 counties have passed the bill and this is still not the optimum. The NASA Coalition won 18 gubernatorial seats in the August 8 election and proceeding without the rest could be avoided. Our projections indicate that the leadership will push for the passing of the bill in the remaining counties within two weeks.

Although logical, the coalition runs the risk of supporter apathy as many Kenyans looked forward to the events that would follow December 12. It is now up to the Coalition to keep the hopes of their loyal supporters afloat.

Two Videos By NASA Coalition That Caused Panic In The Jubilee Government

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