Revealed: Why Kenyan Media Invites Noisy Analysts To Keep You Glued To The Screen

Ever since the mess that was the double-legged Kenyan elections, we have had a trend crop up. Strange men and women have repeatedly appeared on our screens. They have been interviewed by numerous TV stations and they have been often pushed to their limits and maybe walked out of the studio or something like that.
One dirty rule in alley negotiations is attacking the persona or interfering with a person's emotions. After that, you can have a field day in embarrassing them.
In his latest book, Requiem for the American Dream, American intellectual Noam Chomsky puts it so succinctly;
Dispatching journalists into the field to gather information costs money; hiring a glib bloviator is relatively cheap, and inviting opinionated guests to vent on the air is entirely cost-free. It wouldn't work if it weren't popular, and audiences, it turns out, are endlessly absorbed by hearing amplified echoes of their own biases. It's divisive and damaging to the healthy functioning of our political system, but it's also indisputably inexpensive and, therefore, good business.
Mr. Chomsky was talking about the American society but this clearly reflects our own Kenyan scene.
Do you celebrate when a guest on TV puts down another not on the basis of fact but silly jokes?
Maybe you even get angry when a certain truth is said and you go on social media to vent.
Truth is these speakers say what you would like to hear and you feel good but mostly nothing is solved at the end. This is just business by media and as Mr. Chomsky states, it is divisive.

Forums and public discourses are healthy for a working democracy, but when we recycle guests to soothe the egos of our viewers, we are not solving anything.
These days, any politician believes that they are political scientists and anything they say is true and logical.
Sadly, the masses think so too.

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Revealed: Why Kenyan Media Invites Noisy Analysts To Keep You Glued To The Screen

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