Does Bill Gates Use Tabs Or Spaces? He Answered

Does Bill Gates Use Tabs Or Spaces? He Answered

The debate on whether on whether programmers should use tabs or spaces when writing their code is, unexpectedly, very fierce and has been ongoing for the longest time now.
The debate can be dated back to as far as the year 2000 when Jamie Zawinski on a blog post titled Tabs Versus Spaces: An Eternal Holy War tried to tackle the issue.
The war was further popularised by a scene in HBO's tech-drama series Silicon Valley when Richard Hendricks discovered that one of his employees' code was written using spaces. He ends up breaking up with a girlfriend over the fact that she uses Spaces instead of Tabs when programming.
When Bill Gates, perhaps the world's most successful tech stories was being asked questions on his Reddit AMA session, this question popped up.
Bebop47 asked the man if he prefers Tabs or Spaces.

Comment from discussion I’m Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Ask Me Anything..

From Bill Gates reply, he is definitely a Taber. He said he uses Tabs when coding because he wants the columns to line up. The man even uses Tabs in word documents sometimes!

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