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YouTube Re-enables Ads On Logan Paul Videos

YouTube Re-enables Ads On Logan Paul Videos

YouTube has re-enabled ads on YouTube star Logan Paul's videos after a temporary ban earlier. This means that he can now monetize his videos again.
Logan Paul made a series of mistakes that were largely seen as controversial forcing YouTube to ban ads on his videos and remove him from their YouTube Preferred program.
He made a video of him in a suicide forest in Japan and made fun of a man who had committed suicide in the forest. The man's body was shown in the YouTube video. The video sparked online protests considering the fact that suicide is a real issue affecting people all across the world.
He apoloogized.
Logan Paul was soon back it tasering a dead rat that he had found in his house. He said no one shows up in his house like that without getting tasered. He also joked to his fans about Tide Pod challange. This is a challange where social media users record themselves eating detergents packets.
YouTube banned him temporaily after he attempted to monetize the tasering video, which is against community guidelines.
Logan Paul and his team have assured YouTube that they have read and undrstood the community guidelines and understood him. He has, however, not been returned to the YouTube Preffered program.
Logan commands a fan base of 16 million subscribers on YouTube.

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