Lil Lee Jefferson Rejects Khaligraph Jones' Record Deal Offer

Papa Jones has again failed to sign pure talent to his blu ink label after Lil Lee Jefferson kept his pen capped and walked out on the struggling self-declared king of rap.
"You need to know your value and tag yourself with quality, I didn't feel I was going to get that under Khali's management" said the rapper when we brought about his interactions with Papa Jones.
We have come to believe that Jefferson was approached on account of his vibrating talent and quick witted lyricism of which Khali would use more of in his corner, as such we can confirm to the public that this collaboration couldn't go through.
"T Bag is a banger and when it reached him he immediately sourced me from his guys seeking to do a remix with my hit and only feature me in the dying end. He said I was good and I believed him, I always knew I had what it took to bring some degree of change in the industry and Jones confirmed that when he tried signing me. I however could not see a clear vision with the OG given his track record and absolute self-pompousness."
Lil Lee Jefferson alludes to Mat za Ronga whose original hit maker is now drowned out as Khaligraph Jones ride out his wave of glory after merely injecting a verse and 60's hype.

I think there's a sham in there somewhere so I bailed and decided to hold out for an artist with my type of vibe, an artist with originality and respect for the art.

Lil Lee Jefferson is the first son of Africa to ever walk out on his father and never look back.
It has become common to all that the fortunes of Khali are quick fading given his out of touch method of delivery and twanging that not only repulses the regular odi, but doesn't appeal to Lil Lee Jefferson's fan cloud.  Yes, fan cloud. Lil Lee Jefferson insists his fans are in a fan cloud as bases are just too basic for his fans. Lil Lee Jefferson insists on triple refined products and his music is a testament to that.
Still in the works awaiting release to the general public is a new hit, Dead Presidents. Which he hopes can be used to commemorate and immortalize the great founders of Africa and Kenya on whose will today such rights as music are enjoyed.

I would never subject my fans to the phony act that's Khaligraph Jones.

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