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Of Wilson Sossion And His Unwillingness To Let Go

Of Wilson Sossion And His Unwillingness To Let Go

Wilson Sossion is a rotten fish whose time has come to be hauled out of water or risk destroying an entire ecosystem.
Wilson Sossion was recently ousted from the powerful position of Secretary General of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) by a faction of members who feel that there is no need for continue holding two jobs while there are other able men and women who can deliver.
The ODM nominated member of parliament quickly rushed to court and acquired orders from a judge that barred anyone from taking office until all issues were resolved.
The outspoken man from Bomet County held a press conference quickly after flanked by his own faction of the divided union. The press conference which was aired lived by major media stations sought to assure the public that Sossion was there to stay. He allayed fears about the falling apart of the union saying that what the public was witnessing was just a storm in a teacup.
The storm might be in a teacup but Sossion is definitely the tea that will be spilled out in the long run.
We have witnessed the combatant style with which past secretary generals have assumed office. With KNUT power is not given, it is taken.
The new team has since ignored the court orders and gone ahead to take over the running of the union which boasts of a membership of more than 200000.
Sossion has used his position at the helm of this union to negotiate for his future which he firmly secured. He got himself an ODM parliament nomination in exchange for his endorsement of the people’s president Raila Odinga.
In that deal he also vigorously campaigned for the reelection of Isaac Rutto, at some point famously declaring that the current governor Joyce Laboso should go and run for office in Luoland where she is married. Needless to say, Rutto was dealt a humiliating defeat by the well-oiled money machine of William Ruto that fueled Laboso’s campaign.
Wilson Sossion now finds himself in a tight position as political realignments happen ahead of the 2022 elections.
His decision to stay that has caused cracks in the union is informed by the fact that he could find himself in the political cold and might need a soft landing when the right time comes.
But teachers are not silly. It is one of the most politically volatile profession in the country and they have read the signs early.

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