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Time To Talk About Sharon Machira

Time To Talk About Sharon Machira

When Capital FM held auditions for radio presenters to replace Amina Abdi Rabar who was taking up a job at Nation TV, one of the most disgruntled voices after the auditions were done with was Sharon Machira, a Youtuber and former presenter at K24.
Anne Mwaura, Tracy Wanjiru and Anita Nderu were named the new hosts of Hits Not Homework, a show that has been in the airwaves for a very long time now.
Sharon Machira felt that she deserved the jobs more than some of the people who had been picked. She received support from many of her Twitter and Instagram fans who offered her e-hankies to wipe away the tears.
Fate would have it that Homeboyz Radio was looking for a presenter for a Sunday show and they offered Sharon Machira the job. The delighted YouTuber took the job with renewed energy.
After several months, many sceptics are questioning her clout in the radio business. She has been accused of being boring and failing to differentiate airwaves and Insta stories, something she is more well versed with.
Machira is also under fire for talking too much about her boyfriend, whom she is always quick to point out that he is white. She also occasionally reminds her fans that her boyfriend is French.
In a country that radio is highly sexualized, your personal life is the last thing that listeners want to hear of.
The decision by the management of Homeboyz Radio to keep having Sharon Machira means that they are satisfied with the job she is doing.
It is only a matter of time before she fully convinces her fans that she is worth what she claimed or she gets shipped out like the rest of them who have gone down the same path.

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