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Why You Should Avoid HELB Loans Like A Plague

Why You Should Avoid HELB Loans Like A Plague

As a Kenyan student you will never live to see a more terrible foe than the Higher Education Loans Board. Under this bank, that hides under the disguise of being a board, you will be beaten and banished and you will be more desperate than ever.
Most students as it currently stands receive between 35,000 and 60,000 annually from HELB. 8000 of this amount is directly channeled to the university to cover your tuition fees.
A typical student will spend the rest of the money on luxuries easily done without. This is evidenced by the high number of bars that crop up every day around universities. This is more visible in the recently created universities around the country.
Those who do not drink, or do not have livers strong enough to stand Senator Keg of the entire amount spend the rest of the money treat their girlfriends to dates and meals their parents couldn’t afford to provide them with.
The problem comes when you are done with your studies and HELB is happy to remind you of your loan obligations.
HELB has gone the distance of making sure it is law that you produce a HELB clearance certificate when seeking some important services and even employment opportunities. The certificate issue is so serious that accomplished lawyer Professor Makau Mutua was disqualified from the Chief Justice job based on the fact that he did not have a HELB clearance certificate.
To take the loan if you can afford to fend for your daily needs in campus is to court danger. The board seems to have mastered the art of feeding on chaos by choosing to prey on vulnerable graduates who would rather spend all their money on printing and sending their application letters to potential employers who never bother to even look at those letters.
The board needs to put in place structures to guide young campus students on ways to manage their expenditures and make sound financial decisions.

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