Reverend Defends Clitoris In Court, Calls It God's Antenna To The World

Reverend Njoya Defends Clitoris In Court, Calls It God's Antenna To The World

A Kenyan, Retired Reverend Timothy Njoya has taken his defense for the clitoris to court saying it should be let to stay where the Lord put it.
I am in this court to advocate and say that let the clitoris stay where God fixed it. The body of the woman is the wisdom of God. The nakedness of a girl is God's wisdom. Yes. That is God's antenna for listening to the whole universe.
This move was prompted by an ongoing case where a doctor argues that female circumcision should be legalized. The medical doctor, Dr Tatu Kamau said that outlawing of female circumcision is against the culture of many African communities and should be reviewed.
The doctor said that girls should be allowed to make the decision on the cut without having to be dictated by a law.
Reverend Timothy Njoya also said that his army of always will defend the divinity of the clitoris.
Many people have come out in support of the reverend saying that female genital mutilation is brutal and should not be practiced.
Dear Timothy, I am extremely proud that people like you are taking initiatives to eradicate FGM. It is in humane, fatal and causes psychological lows that some never heal from. Keep up the good work!

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