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Concern As Drug Dealers Lace Marijuana With Petrol, ARVs Among Other Toxic Substances

Concern As Drug Dealers Lace Marijuana With Petrol, ARVs Among Other Toxic Substances

For the campus student who is well versed with the medicinal value of Marijuana, or that one who is in a clique whose definition of cool is to partake of the herb, they can only demand for the strongest type.
A worrying trend where drug dealers are resorting to uncouth ways to make the drugs they sell as strong as possible.
Our investigations which were focused on areas which have universities in their sorroundings reveal that the bhang sold in those areas are laced with petrol and ARVs.
The ARVs are crushed into powder which is mixed with petrol. The resulting concortion is sprinkled on Marijuana which is then dried and rolled ready for sale to the unsuspecting students.
In Jaramogi Odingo University of Science and Technology, for instance, the students who buy Marijuana in Bondo town are consuming ARVs in large volumes due to the practice. 
The students think that the weed, which is more popular than the one without the additives, is stronger because it is imported from Uganda.
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, the Mecca of bhang consumption, is said to be the worst affected. 
Known as Jujamaica in popular culture, the strongest weed is sold to the students is believed to be from Ethiopia. 
Many students are oblivious of the fact that the weed is bought in bulk from Nairobi and mixed with chemical substances that make the users dizzy and sickly making it look like it is the true effect of Ethiopian weed.
The rising cases of students dropping out of school in Chuka University can be squarely attributed to the toxic substances being smoked by the student population. 
Drug dealers who operate from the back streets of Chuka Town behind the open air market and have their peddlers stationed at Ndagani Market behind Muringa Bar have taken this a notch higher.
Their clients are mostly female students who are not well versed with effects and consequences of smoking Marijuana. They sell them the toxic concortions in the name of Shash when it is in real sense the normal bhang mixed with Miraa, petrol, Kuber, and shoe gum.
One of the drug dealers we talked to in Karatina says they mix the drug with the said substances because of the high demand which they cannot meet due to logistics dfifficulties of having to transport the drug from either Isiolo or Nairobi without getting caught by the police.
This is part one of drugs series Daily Updates is running.

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