I'm Not In Japan. Mark Masai's Comment That Made Him Hero And Villain

On Friday evening, during the Presidential Round Table interview, one bold exchange of words caught the attention of Kenyans. Journalist Mark Masai was asking questions about Kenya's public debt when President Uhuru Kenyatta decided to take him head on. The President tried to pin him on the lack of expression of numbers like an economist. That's is when Mr Masai bit back,saying he was not in Japan.

In the wake of a ballooning public debt in the country, many have raised concerns on the amount of debt Kenya takes. Furthermore, what hurts most Kenyans is how the borrowed money is still lost to corruption.

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Kenyatta: When you talk of our debt, do you know what the debt of the Japanese Government is? (What is Japan's debt?)
Masai: I'm not really concerned about Japan's debt
Kenyatta: Do you know what the Kenyan debt is?
Masai: Yes
Kenyatta: What is it?
Masai : 4.5 trillion shillings
Kenyatta: No no. As a percentage of GDP. Talk like an economist
Masai: 56% of GDP
Kenyatta: What is Japan's debt?
Masai: I'm not in Japan, so I'm not concerned about Japan

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Here is the video as recorded by NTV Kenya;
Kenyans took the discussion to twitter where Masai was painted as a hero by some and a villain by others;

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