Watindata! Did You Know This Tribe From Paraguay Trace Their Roots To Kenyan Kambas?

Watindata! Did You Know This Tribe From Paraguay Trace Their Roots To Kenyan Kambas?
Ken Wa Maria -Famous Kamba Musician during a past event
The Kamba ethnic group in Kenya are known for their beauty and unmistakably intense beats in their music. Comedians claim that their music start at a climax due to the intense rhythm that they start with. As per history, the Akamba were renowned long distance traders in Kenya, traversing from Ukambani to the coast of the country. Sources say that 250 Kamba spearmen accompanied a Uruguayan general and settled in present day South American country of Paraguay. The year was in the 1820s.

According to Wikipedia;

Also, with the arrival of Artigas' also arrived, curiously, people of Kamba ethnicity, a Kenyan ethnic group, from Uruguay, who settled in Paraguay in the 1820s.[5] They arrived in a regiment of 250 spearmen, men and women, who accompanied General Jose Gervasio Artigas, the revolutionary leader of the now Uruguay, in his exile in Paraguay.[1] The Kamba Cua were dispossessed of their land by General Higinio Morinigo in the 1940s. Of his 100 hectares they stayed with 3 hectares.[6]
The group had two subdivisions known as Kamba Cua and Kamba Kokue.

 Blogger Owaah also delved in to the topic and researched on the tribe. In his analysis;

Still, the community’s music has become its most notable voice. It is, much like that of the Kamba of Kenya, identified with drumming and accompanying dramatic dance. The polyrhythmic drum beats are graced with energetic leaps and even at times, somersaults. At the heart of this revolution is a renowned dance group called Ballet Kamba Cua led by a man called Lazaro Medina.
Kamba Cua
Images by Paraguayan photographer Zenoura Cazador de Linstante.

Here is a video about the community in Paraguay;

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