The Curious Case Of Community Husbands Who Disappear During Festivities

It seems like the player a.k.a the Casanova has re-branded. His new name is the community husband and he has not stopped dishing out his goods to the womenfolk of the community. And as always, these women do not know. Most find out his ways after it is too late. Meet the men who create an intoxicating web of lies that captures the hearts of gullible women. Here are the red flags.

He will have babies with you. He will buy you expensive things. You will be blind to his lies and you will defend him to the death. However, at least for a time, you will not suspect that he is married or in another serious relationship.

Women are smart, and often read through the lies of men. In many circumstances though, the woman is caught flat footed.
A famous celebrity in Kenya realized it, albeit too late, that the man she hoped to share her life with was servicing other women.

While on paper they seem married, these men keep on frolicking with young beautiful girls all over.
They save the names of their secret lovers as 'Gateman' or 'watchman'. They conveniently go for business trips to fool their unsuspecting spouses. All for a nut.

Ask yourself these questions;
Do you know his parents?
Have you visited his rural home?
Do his friends treat you nicely? Have you even met them?
Does your gut suspect something?

Luckily, we were wired with an accurate gut feeling that acts as a compass in this matter. Problem is you always ignore it.

A tweep summarized her thoughts nicely;

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