Chinese Arrests In Kilimani Key To The 26 Elephants That Died In Late 2018

On Tuesday 8th January, Kenyan detectives arrested three Chinese nationals who were in possession of game trophy including ivory tusks. On 18th December, 2018, media outlets published a headline that 26 elephants had died in the Maasai Mara. What was shocking was that the 26 died due to poisoning and unknown causes -it all happened within 3 months. Daily Updates looks at the patterns and the shocking realization that wildlife poachers are still active in Kenya - and there is a new player in town.

Right under the noses of Kenyan authorities, poachers continue to kill elephants within the national parks. Sadly, they are enabled by corrupt officials who allow them to access parks or neglect patrols. For a long time, the largest market for ivory and illegal game trophy has been Asia.
China is a huge consumer of these illegal products and the influx of Chinese nationals in the country has come with its effects. It is highly probable that they have figured out the weak systems within Kenya that allow them access and ability to commit crime.
Years ago, Kenyan poachers would acquire ivory and sell it off the black market and sell it out to the consumers and clients overseas.
Now, the foreigners come to find the trophies themselves.

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