DR Congo Gets New President From The Opposition

The electoral commission in the Central African country has announced Felix Tshisekedi as the winner of the recent Presidential elections. The incumbent, Joseph Kabila will step down after ruling for 18 years. The DRC has never had a peaceful transition of power since independence. This will be the first peaceful handover.

Felix Tshisekedi, is the leader of the Congolese main opposition party, the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS).

Check out how major media outlets broke the news;

DR Congo picks Felix Tshisekedi as president to succeed Joseph Kabila

The Democratic Republic of Congo has a new incoming president, Felix Tshisekedi , the son of a veteran opposition leader. He won with just over 7 million votes or 38.6%, according to the national electoral commission. The other strongly favored candidate, Martin Fayulu, a former Exxon Mobil executive, came second with 6.4 million votes.

Felix Tshisekedi declared winner of DR of Congo presidential election

Jan. 9 (UPI) -- The Democratic Republic of Congo's electoral commission declared opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi the winner of its presidential election Wednesday. Tshisekedi will take over the office from President Joseph Kabila, who has ruled the country since 2001, in what is considered the first peaceful transfer of power between parties in the country since it gained independence from Belgium.

Opposition named winner in DR Congo poll

Opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi has won the Democratic Republic of Congo's tightly contested presidential vote, the electoral commission says. Provisional results put him ahead of another opposition candidate Martin Fayulu, and the ruling coalition's Emmanuel Shadary. If confirmed, Mr Tshisekedi will be the first opposition challenger to win since the DR Congo gained independence.

Another opposition candidate, Martin Fayulu came second. The elections results had delayed, raising tension and questions on their validity.

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