Ugandan Eggs, Ugandan Milk. The New Kenyan Breakfast

From 2017, a new trend transformed Kenyan breakfast tables. To afford milk and eggs to use amidst the inflation, Kenyans had to go for the cheapest product on supermarket shelves - Ugandan products. For a while now, Lato milk is a common sight in Kenyan households. 'It's what we get in the shops. We have to buy it', say shoppers. 'I stock up on Lato because I make better profit margins',say the shopkeepers. A section of local producers now complain because they are being edged out of their own backyard.

In their website, Lato Milk says 'THE FOUNDATION OF A HAPPY, HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Milk straight from the land of milk and honey -Mbarara, Uganda.

Several articles on-line show the aggressive marketing and brand activations that Lato have been conducting in Kenya. They want a piece of the market, and they already have a considerable chunk.

Activists complain that sly businessmen discovered produce from Uganda was cheaper because the cost of production is lower in the landlocked East African nation. They therefore source their stock there and sell it in Kenya, for a price lower than the Kenyan version of the same products.

In the agriculture industry, chicken and eggs from Uganda are also cheaper. Pineapples from Uganda have also made their way into Kenyan pudding. It's a price war that Uganda is clearly winning.

A Twitter user went to the social media site to complain how she could no longer get market for eggs and she had to sell at a loss.


Ugandan Eggs, Ugandan Milk. The New Kenyan Breakfast

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