Eyebrows Raised As Former Youth Fund Chair, Bruce Odhiambo Dies

Doctors attribute the cause of death to heart complications. Former Youth Fund Chairman, Bruce Odhiambo died at the Nairobi Hospital after admission several hours earlier. The late Odhiambo was embroiled in mega scandals after his name was adversely mentioned in the NYS saga. Netizens raised eyebrows over his death because former CEO of the Youth Fund, Catherine Namuye died in 2017 under mysterious circumstances when she collapsed and died in her home.

According to reports, Catherine Namuye lived in fear and regrets from the pressure she faced during her time at the Youth Fund.

Ms. Namuye was first appointed as acting CEO of the fund in February 2013 upon the suspension of the then boss, Juma Mwatata Mwangala, who had been sent packing over allegations of purchasing 1,050 hatching machines at a cost of Sh208 million without the YEDF board’s approval. Mr Mwangala’s predecessor and first-ever CEO of the fund, Umuro Wario was suspended in 2009 and later bundled out of office over claims of irregularities in financial, recruitment and procurement procedures in the institution. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission later absolved Mr. Wario of the claims.

During an appearance before a parliamentary committee, a disturbed Namuye reported that former chairman Bruce Odhiambo had forced her to advance Sh180 million to a certain Quorandum Ltd for an IT contract.

“This project was a board undertaking. I found it rather curious for the board to make me the sole signatory,” she said.

After the scandal, President Uhuru Kenyatta dismissed Mr Odhiambo as Youth Development Fund chairman.

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