Lamba Lolo Squad, Ethic, Drop New Track 'Instagram'

Swat Mototo wa eunice

To cap off a blistering 2018, Ethic Entertainment released a new song, 'Instagram', this past week. The quartet of Rekles, Swat, Zilla and Seska are at it again with a song that describes the hunting games of Instagram. As usual, Rekles does the chorus to give the group the rhythm that propelled them to stardom. Mtoto wa Eunice Swat goes on to prove why we fell in love with his bars in the first place.

The video incorporates an 80s seting with the normal inclusion of girls dancing in the background so that it does not lose their local appeal.
Perhaps what will stand out is the verse where Swat sings 'Cheki bro, washa shasha hadi morrow'..Kata maji pia shada legalize..'

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Shada is also known as weed/vela/umbitho or maryjane.

This year the group has released Instagram, Saba, Position, and Lamba Lolo.
Lamba Lolo and Position have over 2 million views each while Saba follows with over 700, 000 views.

Here is the video;


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