Ruto Thrown Under The Bus As Jubilee Declares He Will Not Be Automatic Candidate

Ruto Thrown Under The Bus As Jubilee Declares He Will Not Be Automatic Candidate Raphael Tuju

The future of deputy president in Jubilee Party continues to be bleak at the party continues to make it known that they will not stick to the plans that were made before the general elections of 2013.
Raphael Tuju, Cabinet Secretary without portfolio and Secretary General of Jubilee party, has declared that William Ruto should not expect to inherit the presidency of Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.
He said that the party has it's own constitution that provides the guidelines on how the presidential candidate will be chosen.
He further went ahead to insist that the party recognize the president as the party leader and the deputy president as the deputy party leader and no any other arrangement was in place.
Raphael Tuju says there is no memorandum of understanding that compels the Jubilee Party to give William Ruto the presidential ticket in 2022. He further said that if there is any MoU between the president and his deputy, it is their own arrangement that the party has nothing to do with.
Raphael Tuju is a very close ally of the president and anything he says run deep into the core of the president's plans.
Such utterances by Tuju echo the beliefs held by David Murathe who has not shied away from saying that William Ruto should retire with president Uhuru Kenyatta.
In the 2017 elections, Uhuru Kenyatta was in several occasions quoted telling his opponents to wait for him to finish his two terms, then wait further for William Ruto to finish his ten years before they could think of leading this nation.
Those sentiments have changed over time, even being quoted saying William Ruto was roaming around the country and that his choice for 2022 will surprise everyone.
William Ruto has made clear his intentions to succeed his boss and has been making plans to ensure that the succession happens with or without his party support. He has made inroads into places initially perceived to be the strongholds of both Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga and has made allies from all corners of the country.
The deputy president who recently earned a PhD from the University of Nairobi has point-men in the former Central Province and even in the former Nyanza Province.
It will be interesting to see how the events unfold in the ruling party as the rift continues to be apparent. Neither William Ruto nor his allies have made a response to the bombshell announcement by Raphael Tuju.

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