Disgusting Video Of What Smoking Does To Your Lungs

Addictive as it is, scientists have proved that cigarette smoking is harmful to your health and is even linked to cancer. The smoke and tar collects in your lungs leading to complications. The video shows what 600 cigarettes would do to a sample fresh lung and the deposit that it leaves. This is only a glimpse into the harmful effects of the smoke as an average smoker uses thousands of cigarettes in their lifetime.

A study by scientists listed nicotine (found in cigarettes) as the third most addictive drug in the world. The drug causes behavioural stimulation and is absorbed through the lungs. The scientists added that it causes increase in dopamine levels up to 40%.

Here is the video;
 In the United States, research attributes almost half a million deaths annually to cigarette smoking. This is roughly one in every five people that die every year.
To make matters worse, the combined deaths caused by HIV, Illegal drug use, Alcohol use, vehicle injuries and firearm-related incidents are less than those caused by smoking.

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