Dirty Tug Of War As KNUT Rubbishes TSC Directives

The Kenyan education sector continues to be thrown is disarray as the Kenya Union of Teachers asks members to ignore TSC's directives. The union asked its members who got transfers from TSC to avoid reporting to their new stations as schools set to open on 2nd January 2019. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, KNUT Secretary General, Wilson Sossion announced the move. The meeting was not attended by the Teachers' Service Commission (TSC).

KNUT gave a warning to go on strike in the event that they do not agree with TSC in late 2018. Mr Sossion said that it was due to the employer's bad faith that they had decided to come to this decision.

In the last month of 2018, TSC announced that it had made transfers of over 3,000 primary and secondary school heads and many more teachers. Their criteria was to shift employees who had taught in a school for more than 9 years.

If all went to plan, the employer expected head teachers to shift by December 28, 2018 while other teachers have to move by 3rd January, 2019.

The main bone of contention between KNUT and TSC is about transfers, promotions, performance contracts and other details of work. Mr Sossion announced that he will go against a court directive that asked the union to provide a list of teachers it wanted promoted.

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