Pastor Kanyari Is Back And Mbegu 310 Is Now 500

Super controversial Doctor Prophet Victor Kanyari is back on the airwaves. Pastor Kanyari, who went into the limelight after tricking gullible Kenyans went under for a while. His famous line was 'panda mbegu ya 310' to get blessed and healed by God of all illnesses. The pastor is back and has a show on radio where he is heard asking listeners to send 500 shillings for a blessing.

Kenya is notorious for men and women of the cloth  who take advantage of their worshippers for money and power.

Thousands still flock to Pastor Kanyari's church, known as Salvation Healing Ministry.
His mother, prophetess Lucy Nduta is also a minister of the 'gospel'.

Here is the audio of Pastor Kanyari uploaded by a Twitter user;

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