SWAT Wa Matire Is All The Hype But REKLES Is A Heavy Hitter #LambaLolo - DAILY UPDATES

SWAT Wa Matire Is All The Hype But REKLES Is A Heavy Hitter #LambaLolo

Many vehicles have a horn that will let you know it has arrived but they will also have an engine that will have helped propel the car in the first place.
They are the talk of the town after a raunchy song they released( Lamba Lolo) blew up and got everyone talking on social media.
On everyone's lips was one Swat, a youngin whose mastery in delivery and lyrical prowess helped grab Kenya's attention to a local rap tune that has now amassed over 500,000 views on Youtube.
While most of the attention is on the young rapper whose looks have ladies swooning, it is easy to forget one major contributor in the song. Rekles is definitely older than the rest and brings a different angle to the song while contributing to its overall catchiness.
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He breaks into a fast rap to start the song skillfully setting the stage for the rest of the squad.

Piga goti eh,
Panua domo basi eh,
Toka ghetto naeza chizi niku peleke hadi kile, 
Shigishigi de,
Out of ten kula ten
Wenye chuki nina wembe jo zaidi ya thao ntawape..
Hapa mtaa si ndo uburn ka stima
Hapana fuata msupa ka amekosa figure
Na nikitupa one two asha jipa
Yani a man a galis kiu bombastika..

 In an interview with Pulse Live Kenya, Rekles reveals that he had released another song before #LambaLolo. The full interview is available on Facebook.
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I don't know about you but this young man is a gem and offers a different and important quality to the song even though many do not realize.
Hopefully, this is just the start of greater things to come. On the other hand, Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice is the darling of the fans.


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SWAT Wa Matire Is All The Hype But REKLES Is A Heavy Hitter #LambaLolo

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