Shocking Story Of A House Help Who Imported 196 Million Sticks Of Cigarettes Into The Country

Detectives in Nairobi are trying to unravel the puzzle of a house girl who evaded tax in the numbers of 630 million shillings and is said to be the owner of a consignment of cigarettes nabbed at the inland container depot in Nairobi.
Kenya's cartels and businessmen have taken the art of using proxies to evade scrutiny to a whole new level after a house help reportedly imported cigarettes enough for all Kenyans, children included, to smoke at least 5 sticks each.
The consignment, which was nabbed by officers from the Kenya Revenue Authority, is part of other goods worth 1.2 billion shillings that are in the possession of state authorities who are waging a war against contraband goods making their way into Kenya.
The cartels have resorted to using unsuspecting relatives, friends and in this case house-helps to evade taxation.
The house help is still at large.
The police reversed the decision to burn the cigarettes at the last minute over concerns that burning such a big consignment would turn everyone in the city into a smoker.
The company that was responsible for the shipping of the cigarettes into the country has vowed that they will not reveal the information about the traders that paid for the shipment.


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