Sixty Seven Percent of Kenyan Twitter Hates Aden Duale: Our Data Suggests

Two out of every three tweets on Kenyan Twitter posted in the last two weeks about Aden Duale, the Majority Leader of the Kenyan National Assembly say something negative about him.
The Daily Updates Data Lab dug into tweets posted by Kenyans on Twitter from 14th June to 28th June and the results were astonishing.
After running thousands of tweets through a sentiment and emotion algorithm, 66.7% of the tweets came up as saying something negative about the politician.
Keywords that bubbled up in our analysis included 'sugar', 'promised', 'traders' and 'remember'.
The graph below shows the distribution of the keywords that related to each other in our string search.

Further, we classified the keywords in each tweet according to the sentiment expressed as accepted definitions of bad or good language.
The data suggests that the claims the politician made at the height of the contaminated sugar saga, have been internalized by Twitter users. Many agree that politicians give promises that they never intend to keep.
Our data site shall continue following trending topics and update you on what the data tells us.
Here are some of the tweets;


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Sixty-Seven Percent of Kenyan Twitter Hates Aden Duale: Our Data Suggests

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