Stop Worshipping Anerlisa Muigai, She Is Not A Hero

Anerlisa Muigai Boyfriend

“Hi Anerlisa, I am very proud of what you do as a young woman. I am also trying to be just as successful and that is why I closely follow your Instagram. I have sent you a DM, please reply. Thank you.”

I am willing to bet with Ngirita’s bank account that there is no single post in Anerlisa Muigai’s Instagram account with no such comment. The 30 plus year old lady has her ego stroked by thousands of individuals with self-esteems so low you can smell it by just typing Anerlisa’s name in Instagram’s search bar.

Anerlisa Muigai has found a niche. And it Is working. She knows her followers have low self esteem and she banks on it to promote products and protect herself from boyfriends she has dumped for an array of reasons including not being good enough in bed.

These followers keep asking Anerlisa for handouts and help in actualizing whatever business ideas they have and instead of telling them no she can’t, she keeps going in circles giving them nonsensical lectures about working hard and being focused when she is fully aware that those textbook tips never work.

The most hilarious of all the lectures she gives in her 500-word captions are telling her overweight fans about working out and eating healthy to lose weight. Many media houses are on record saying Anerlisa Muigai underwent surgical procedures to get rid of her weight. She does not mention this. She has also never went on record to deny those accusations.

Anerlisa Muigai is the daughter of Tabitha Karanja, the owner of Keroche Breweries. You only need to count the number of bars in your neighborhood that sell Senator Keg to know how rich Tabitha Karanja is.

The fact that Tabitha Karanja is in the alcohol business means she is well connected in the entertainment and hospitality business. You would only be a fool to not believe that she used these connections to push her daughter’s water, Executive.

The fact that she is always in the mainstream media’s end year coverage of inspirational personalities has not helped either. She is not inspirational at all.

It is not wrong for Anerlisa to be as successful as she is. But everybody is sick of having Anerlisa shoved down their throat.

How daft can you be to go bully a man dumped by Anerlisa and pour out your emotions like you were the one who was dumped? How much self-loath can you have to say that she is goals? How much can you hate yourself. Did you inherit this alarming levels of sycophancy? What is wrong with you? Are you okay?

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