Breaking: Gikomba Market Is On Fire, Fast And Furious Fire

Breaking: Gikomba Market Is On Fire, Fast And Furious Fire

At least 30 people have sustained serious injuries and traders are counting losses after a section of Gikomba Market was gutted down by night fire that is still razing down buildings and property.
According to the Red Cross Society, the fire broke out at Kwa Mbao area at around 9pm before spreading to other parts of the market.
The fire intensified at around 1am when the fire reached the timber yards and by 7am the firefighters from the county government were still battling the fire.
Emergency operations are still ongoing as the injured are taken to Kenyatta National Hospital among other city hospitals. St John's Ambulance are also on site.
The perennial fires that engulf Gikomba are often attributed to business rivalry and private developers trying to encroach the lucrative land.


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Breaking: Gikomba Market Is On Fire, Fast And Furious Fire

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