The Kenyan Born Australian Senator Is Even More Corrupt Than You Imagined

Lucy Gichuhi Australia Corruption Senator

We are witnessing the very first exportation of corruption from Kenya to another foreign country, more so a Western country, in the grandest of scales by a Kenyan who had the audacity to lecture her fellow countrymen on the importance of integrity in leadership.
Just months after Lucy Gichuhi used taxpayers' money to fund some of her relatives' traveling expenses to attend her birthday party, the Kenyan born senator is again in Australian news headlines after some dubious deals.
The liberal senator who is also a former accountant advertised a rental house, that no one was just buying, for $80 a week while struggling with $10000 in unpaid council bills.
Together with her husband William, they have been in court a record seven times for failing to pay their council rates and water bills.
Lucy Gichuhi is no different from her Kenyan politics counterparts who are synonymous with amassing wealth after getting a position of leadership.
She owns three rundown houses in the South Australian steelworks city of Whyalla which is northwest of Adelaide worth more than $180000. These are part of the six properties she owns.
Over a period of three years, she put two small houses on sale but withdrew them after they failed to sell. One of the homes on sale was listed on four occasions.
Local court magistrates ordered the senator to pay almost $10000 in unpaid bills she had accrued during her time as a member of parliament.
The senator also owns a house and two plots in Kenya. The home they currently reside in was bought in 2012 for half a million dollars. This was the same period during which they were trying to unsuccessfully sell their properties.
Kenyans have expressed shock at the politician's love for material things saying she has no moral authority to talk about integrity in Kenya while she exports corruption to Australia.
While some Kenyans feel like debts are normal and do not amount to corruption, unethical practices such as failing to pay your bills are highly shunned upon in some Western countries.
Additional reporting by Daily Mail Australia.


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