Everything Is All Set, Trump And Putin To Meet

Everything Is All Set, Trump And Putin To Meet

President Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are set to meet after the details of such a meeting were finalized by the diplomatic teams of both sides. 
This high stakes meeting is coming amid concerns from some quarters that the US is straining the long term relationships it has had with her Western allies.
The details of the summit were finalized when Putin met with United States' national security adviser John Bolton in Moscow on Wednesday.
The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is likely to be the site that will host the highly anticipated meeting. Trump also told reporters that Vienna, Austria also remained an option.
Trump said that the US getting along with Russia and China was good not just for the country but for the whole world as well. He was speaking at the Whitehouse when he hosted his Portuguese counterpart.


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Everything Is All Set, Trump And Putin To Meet

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