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From Prostitute To Leader: The Metamorphosis Of Huddah Monroe

From Prostitute To Leader: The Metamorphosis Of Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe may have been an actor and a video vixen before becoming infamous but she truly rose to fame and stardom by sharing her naked pictures online. She shoved her naked bodies through our throats and her scandalous life story was open for anyone who cared to listen.
She is the pioneer of the socialite business alongside Vera Sidika, Corazon Kwamboka, Pendo, Vanessa Chettle among others.
So much was Huddah Monroe obsessed with this life that she faked a relationship with disgraced singer Colonel Moustapha to get her seat in prime time news. Moustapha was at that time going through a much publicized breakup with singer Marya. As it happens, Marya had a high riding song with Avril and had her own significant clout.
This strategy of leaking nudes online and faking relationships soon became less lucrative as she ran out of men to fake relationships with, and more women entered the business diluting its prospects. After all, a man can only do with much reproductive organs photos.
Soon the international trips began. Speculations were ripe that the socialite was selling her body. There were even screenshots that were circulating around to back up claims that Huddah Monroe was an escort. She denied all those allegations and said she had a tomato business with international contacts. She has a good sense of humor.
But what we are witnessing in the recent times is a different Huddah. We are seeing an empowered woman who can make tangible impact in the society.
Her beauty line has some of the most respected products in the Kenyan cosmetic industry. Many of her products are subject of YouTube and blog reviews. Any time she releases a new product it is sold out in a matter of few days.
She has on a number of occasions spoken to students in universities and colleges about branding and entrepreneurship.
Huddah Monroe has also managed to keep her private life under the wraps and is not involved in the usual drama surrounding men that is synonymous with celebrities in Kenya. She also a few days back offered an olive branch to Zari Hassan who they had fallen out with over rumors that she had lured Diamond into bed. She says she regrets falling out with Zari because they were friends who trusted each other with very personal and intimate information.
While the fact that she was a prostitute remains a matter of public opinion, it is a fact that she has evolved for better.

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