Why Kenya's Biggest YouTube Stars Keep Quitting

Why Kenya's Biggest YouTube Stars Keep Quitting  Kangai Mwiti Levis Ryan Elodie Zone Adelle Onyango Kalekye Mumo Sheila Mwanyigha
A phenomenon that took the Kenyan entertainment scene by storm and churned out some of the biggest influencers the country knows has some occupational hazards that not even the YouTube stars themselves had foreseen.
We have witnessed a rising trend where Kenyan YouTube-rs increase the intervals of video uploads and finally quit altogether.
Elodie Zone, one of the pioneers of vlogging in Kenya talked of undergoing depression and explained to her fans that making videos was no longer making her happy. She deleted her videos and announced she was quitting YouTube.
While Elodie Zone has since made a U turn and returned to making videos, the same cannot be said of other YouTube-rs whose motivation succumbed to YouTube's unforgiving demands and cyber bullying.
Rikkie was recently threatened with blackmail by a person who claimed to be in possession of compromising photos she had taken sometimes back. She was ordered to pay or have the photos released to the public. She has only posted one video after the incident that left her shaken as was visible in the video.
The fact that most of the YouTube-rs have day-jobs or are students make it even harder to be consistent. Some of the most notable YouTube failure stories are credited to the likes of Adelle Onyango, Kalekye Mumo, Kobi Kihara, Sheila Mwanyigha among others. One common thing about all these names is that they all have high ranking jobs in the mainstream media.
Sheila Ndinda, a hair enthusiast, took a long hiatus but has since uploaded some videos. She has a day job that she says makes it hard for her to film during weekdays.
People who do it as their main source of income are more consistent. Joanna Kinuthia, for instance, uploads almost on a daily basis and is arguably the most influential.
One might be forgiven for thinking that having a YouTube channel is very relaxing. After all, you only need to put a camera in front of you on a table and talk about how you almost got arrested at the mall. Truth is you are not privy to what happens behind the scenes. The Kenyan audience likes to move on pretty quickly. What if a YouTube-er becomes sick? Or their internet is down?
For these reasons many YouTube-rs will not hesitate to jump on a new opportunity if there's a job opening.
All facts laid bare however, many of these YouTube-rs quit because they did not become successful within the timeline of their expectations. Majority of them have failed to surpass the 1000 subscribers mark, a mark below which you cannot directly earn a single cent from YouTube. It can be depressing considering how much time and effort some of them put in it.
Kalekye Mumo for instance, had an entire team of cameramen and even directors. She even had celebrities making appearances but she failed. She is a living proof that YouTube is blind to traditional stardom.
However, do not be fooled by videos of these stars saying they have quit. These kind of videos are a genre in themselves and are often used by YouTube-rs as a way to generate sympathy, gauge their influence or stage their own demises and return refreshed. Click-bait in its purest form.


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