Was Waititu Set Up In Shameful Budget Session In Senate? The Details

Was Waititu Set Up In Shameful Budget Session In Senate? The Details

Heavens cringed as Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu felt the burn on the hot seat in the Senate during a budget review. Panelists at a budget audit in the Senate spotted glaring errors in the budget. The governor known for his outspoken nature was lost for words as he claimed that the errors were new to him.

Was he set up?

As the boss of Kiambu County, it is expected that the finance department is the one tasked with the preparation of financial documents ready for audit.

It is also expected that the accounting experts would have taken him through the documents before submission to prepare for the committee.

Mr Waititu came into the panel confident, but the figures read to him from the budgets were Greek to him.

From money set aside for Statehouse functions, South Sudan peace process, benefits for retired presidents and other state advisory, it is clear that he did not go through the document.

It is also clear that his advisors did not review the document with him as these would be obvious errors pointed out.

Moreover, it seems like a document copied from what would be a State House budget.

So was he set up for public humiliation?

If so, it worked spectacularly well.

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