Members of Parliament Vow To Reject SRC's Salary Proposal

The Parliament Of Kenya

After all the wars and exchange of words, Kenya's Members of Parliament are back to doing what they know best. Speaking to the media, PSC member and Homabay women rep, Gladys Wanga said they will not allow the SRC to mistreat Members of Parliament. This was in response to the pay cut proposed by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

Just before the general elections, the SRC announced the new salary guidelines for public servants. MPs were the biggest losers in new salary cuts for top officials intended to save taxpayers Sh9 billion annually.
Besides a reduction in basic salary, Members of the National Assembly and Senators lost five allowances, including a Sh5 million car grant.

Combined, the scrapped perks meant that on average the monthly salary of an MP would reduce by at least Sh455,000 a month, a significant reduction for the 416 MPs.

Out of Sh8.8 billion savings resulting from the salary review for State Officers by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, MPs will surrender Sh3.7 billion.

Aside from having their pay reduced from Sh710,000 to Sh621,250 per month, MPs collectively lost their Sh2 billion car grant.

Other allowances that were abolished are the special parliamentary allowance, reimbursable mileage allowance, sitting allowance for plenary sessions and special responsibility allowances.

Ms. Gladys Wanga, representing the newly elected MP's said that she thinks it is fallacious to say it is the MPs who are increasing the wage bill.

Given recent history, in times like these, all MP's usually unite for a common cause and it is expected that Ms. Wanga was not speaking on behalf of herself.

Also involved in the drama was the new Kiambu Woman Rep, Gathoni wa Muchomba. She had said that the campaigns took a lot of resources and she deserved to be paid well. This comment was later retracted when Kiambu residents threatened to recall her and force a by-election.

And as usuals, Kenyans on Twitter were monitoring the situation.

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