No. You Are Not The Best She Ever Had. She Lied.

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When your partner says you are the “best they’ve ever had” that is quite the compliment, right? Now you can puff your chest out and claim you are the 'boss'. 
Basically, she means that out of all the men she has been with, she chooses you as the crème de la crème. The G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) of her entire life. Calm down, there is a chance she lied.

Unfortunately, most people don’t settle down with a partner that they consider to be the “best” they have ever had. So if she is lying to you about your 'unmatched' skills between the sheets, maybe you should not be offended.

She is just trying to feed up your ego and make you happy but you should definitely take her words with a pinch of salt.
Some partners require time to perfect their chemistry and not everyone starts with mind blowing times in the sack.

Hol' up! Don't get it twisted, there are times she will tell you that you are the best just not to hurt you.

I got you covered though. Here are seven signs that show she is probably lying.

She Shows You Articles That Explain How You Should Do It. Ha-ha. She means well but there is definitely room for improvement.

Her Drive Disappears. Look, 'best you ever had' should rival rabbits in frequency and intensity. Lol. Just saying.

She Does Not Want To Talk About It. Successful couples talk about their life in the bedroom. If it gets awkward when it comes to that topic, are you really the best?

You Catch Her In The Act. Yup. This means you find her scoring own goals. Not that it is wrong, but you should score enough for her not to need own goals.

She Seems Frustrated. At the peak of great bedroom business comes freedom to do whatever you can. But if she always seems frustrated that shows you are not hitting it right. Bruh!!, it was a lie.

She Avoids Kissing. Well, if you didn't know, kissing is an intimate part of the whole thing. It portrays closeness and is a key segment of foreplay. If that is avoided and she just wants to rush things then that title you have is false. You can't rush something that you want to last forever.

She Never Initiates. If you want something good, you go get it. If it is not the best, why should you keep going for it? Enough said.

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