Divide Kenya Into Two, Says David Ndii. Twitter Reacts.

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David Ndii. NASA Coalition Head of Strategy
In a SENSATIONAL proposal, NASA Coalition head of strategy says it is time. It is indeed time to divide Kenya into two and have the people of Western Kenya, Coastal Kenya, and North West Kenya to secede and form their own country.

In his petition of self-determination, he claims that according to the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights (1986). Basically, this charter gives people the right to freely determine their political status and pursue their economic and social development according to the policy they have freely chosen.

According to the petition document, successive governments have perpetuated a culture of impunity through rigged elections, that deny Kenyans from other tribes the ability to self-determine and even grow economically.

This debate has been on for a while, ever since NASA lost the election to the incumbents than later filed a petition to the Supreme Court.

The idea reached its height when David Ndii attended an interview by Larry Madowo on NTV.

The NASA head of strategy said that the coalition is well prepared for mass action in the event that the Supreme Court fails to consider evidence that they gathered and presented.

"We have been calling for mass action since 1991 and we will not stop as long as some people try to restore dictatorship,” he said during the interview.

“Protestors do not kill, they only resist oppression. It is the police who shoot and kill when protesters resist. Any killing is initiated by the government. We will call for mass action,” he said.
"If change cannot come through the ballot, it will come through the bullet," he added.

This is what Kenyans on Twitter had to say;

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