Miguna Miguna: Raila Odinga 'Sacrificed' Jacob Juma

Miguna Miguna: Raila Odinga 'Sacrificed' Jacob Juma

In a tweet written in his usual style, NRM General Dr Miguna Miguna resumed his fight against former Prime minister Raila Odinga. He brought in the Eurobond scandal and insinuated that Mr. Odinga 'sacrificed' vocal businessman Jacob Juma who was assassinated in 2016.

He tweeted:

In 2017, @RailaOdinga called @UKenyatta a looter and murderer. He sacrificed Jacob Juma in the "fight against Eurobond thieves." RAO accused @UKenyatta of stealing public money through the NYS. The question Kenyans are asking is this: When and how did @UKenyatta become clean?

He reminded Kenyans that Raila Odinga once referred to Uhuru Kenyatta as a looter.

He adds: When and how did President Kenyatta become clean?

This is especially after the handshake deal that brought the rivals together at the expense of the Deputy President.

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