Two Ruto Allies Argue Over Who Has Stolen More From The Country

Two Ruto Allies Argue Over Who Has Stolen More From The Country

The senator of Elgeyo Marakwet Kipchumba Murkomen and commercial lawyer Donald Kipkorir are currently embroiled in a nasty argument over who has stolen more as the country continues to reel from the shock of massive looting.
The two lawyers are both from Elgeyo Marakwet and are understood to have disagreed over the manner in which the Dams Scandal is being handled by the senator.
According to Donald Kipkorir, the senator should act better and stop being partisan on the issue that affects the lives of the thousands of residents of Elgeyo Marakwet county who would have benefited from the dams in question.
Kipchumba Murkomen dug deep into the archives and brought back to life allegations that Donald Kipkorir looted the cofers of the Postal Corporation and Telkom Kenya during the dictatorial days of Moi.
Kalenjins have been President or Deputy for 41 out of 55 Years Of Kenya’s life ...That we have no REAL Kalenjin Billionaires that can be listed on FORBES, No Kalenjin Banks, No Industries & Destroyed Agriculture & Now Ghost Dams .... We can’t blame outsiders! Look on the Mirror!
Kipchumba Murmoken was irked by the suggestion that Moi and Ruto should have helped Kalenjins to become billionaires.

The pace for argument had been set and the two for the next 24 hours and still counting, continue to argue over each other's integrity, or lack thereof. 
Senator, am available & ready for audit anytime .... When President Moi left power in 2002, my practice was hardly FOUR years ..... Meanwhile, let’s wait for the Investigations on NYS, Energy Sector, Dams Projects, Maize imports, Embobut Resettlement et al & your role in them.

Four years of looting is a lot Wakili. Your are aware that the Postal Corporation & Telkom Kenya are still reeling from the effects of your actions 20 years ago.

I guess Government Agencies have the information of my “looting”. Postal Corporation can surely say how much I was paid. They are free to publish the information. Don’t be excited by propaganda from your errand boys at Harambee Annexe .... Your theft in SIX YEARS is unparalleled.
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