DPP SHOCKED By Amounts Stolen In The Kimwarer Dam Scam

DPP SHOCKED By Amounts Stolen In The Kimwarer Dam Scam

In a statement to the media, the office of the director of public prosecutions says that it was shocked by the amounts and number of people involved in the Kimwarer/Arror Dams scam. It is reported that over 21 Billion shillings was paid out yet no work was done.

I  have also noted the shocking magnitude of the amounts involved and the range of parties that are of interest to the investigations. This has in turn made investigations complex requiring investigators to cover a wide range of areas including but not limited to a thorough analysis of the following.."

The statement then gives a list of the elements of the corruption scam that will be investigated.

The CS in charge of Treasury, Henry Rotich has been a guest of the DCI for approving payments that so far Kenya has not got any value for.

Kenyans continue to wait the outcome of these investigations that are expected to fell big guns.

It remains to be seen exactly who will face the law.

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