CS Henry Rotich To Be Sacked : What We Know So Far

CS Henry Rotich To Be Sacked : What We Know So Far

The scales are tipping in the wrong direction, at least according to one camp in the Jubilee government. More people report that CS Henry Rotich will be the sacrificial lamb in the dam saga that reportedly led to the loss of Sh 21 Billion. Whether he will be prosecuted is a story for another day.

His role in the approval of the monies paid to the contractors and suppliers in the dam scam will be the axe that sends him into oblivion.

During the Devolution Conference, bold talk by Raila Odinga is more evidence that more 'big people' will have to pay the price for the despicable corruption that keeps happening within the government.

According to blogger Robert Alai, President Uhuru Kenyatta has agreed that someone will have to take the fall.

However, knowing Kenya, being sacked does not equate to going to prison for crimes. A combination of lobbying and dragged court cases means that many suspects go free.

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