Sam Gichuru Feels That No Company Should Pay You As An Intern, Take A Loan Instead

Sam Gichuru Feels That No Company Should Pay You As An Intern, Take A Loan Instead

The chief executive and founder of Nailab, a leading Kenyan business incubator, accelerator and seed-fund, feels that you should not be paid during your period as an intern in any organization.

According to Sam Gichuru, an intern you should be able to fund yourself and try as much as you can to learn from the business instead of expecting a pay. He even suggests that you, wait for it, a loan if you can't afford your maintenance!

Read his post below.

"Let's talk about paid/unpaid internship. The founder/ CEO of @herdy_co was my unpaid intern, after internship (3 months) he started his company & today hires over 10 people, servers over 1000 customers monthly. I also invested in his company.

It's just been 36 Months. He is not the only one who interned at @thenailab and today is running their own company or have very good jobs. Some were paid some unpaid.

If he had asked for pay, I would not have given him a chance. He was actually very specific, he said No Pay. My suggestions if you're at home or on twitter getting angry about unpaid internship.

1. Have a mission.
Find a company that is week aligned with that mission & offer your service for a period of time (3 months). Your plan is to learn, connect, impress, etc in 90 days.

2. How to finance your internship.
You need about 200 bob a day for fare 25*200 = 5000 . Carry your lunch (most of us do). It's the same amount you need to go to college in town. Get Mshwari, ask parents or friends to finance your internship and give a repayment plan.

3. In that office, find needs you can fulfill beyond your internship.
Most offices, you can ask permission to bring Ndaos and cakes to sale to staff members and it will be okay. Derrick sold us Rabbit meat. Go to @herdy_co today and you can still order for meat.

4. Finally know when to quit internship.
Quit when you have e learned all you need. The company does not owe you a job automatically after internship, actually if you're good and free they will just keep extending it 🤷🏿‍♂️. They're out for profit usually not fairness.

5. Of course you have the choice to stay on twitter and complain about exploitation by company's that don't pay internship.
If you're looking for internship you're probably 20 - 26 yo, it's the growing up age, post teens. Everyone has a plan, get a plan and sweat it out. Critical age to realize that nobody owes you anything, not even bare minimum.

Not everybody is going to get that internship leave alone fare but you can try or you can complain. 💯 You will have many short term supporters/retweets if you complain.

Lakini hali haitabadilika. Most SMEs don't have budget to hire you, even 5000pm can strain a company's runway. But they have knowledge, have networks (employees, customers, supplies), have resources, internet/computers etc. Your opportunity is here. Invest in yourself to access those resources.

Finally, this is an unpopular opinion but there is absolutely no downside in trying these, only upsides. I just gave the example of one intern, I can give examples of all interns who have worked with us 2/3 have either started a successful company or have exceptional jobs.

I like the comments, even the insults provoke more people to read the thread. Wewe ndiye unayejua hali yako, if you're at the end of the rope, try something different like this, if it doesn't work after 3 months, you will have made new contacts and learnt a lot.

One more thing, there is always companies looking for sales all over, if you can't get that internship, get a sales job, chances it will be a commission only job and that first month, you have to find a way to survive. Sale like your life depends on it, it does then grow."

This thread was thought about and posted by Sam Gichuru in his own wisdom.
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